Ultimate Knot-Free Garden Hose


Say Goodbye To Those Dreaded Kinks, Twists, And Tangles With Australia's #1 Expandable Garden Hose!

Tired of battling with frustrating tangles and stubborn kinks every time you use your hose? 

Our knot free garden hose has been specifically designed for the Australian household!

If its watering your plants or washing your car, say goodbye to tangled garden hoses with our Ultimate Knot-Free Garden Hose. This expertly-designed hose eliminates the frustration of wasting time untangling knots or constantly moving from one outlet to another. Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free watering experience.

Australian's Agree!

Many happy Australians have discovered the remarkable convenience and durability of our Ultimate Knot-Free Garden Hose. Our Ultimate Knot-Free Garden Hose is truly a game-changer that elevates your gardening experience to new heights of efficiency and enjoyment.

Benefits Of Our Ultimate Knot-Free Garden Hose

✅ No More Knots, Kinks Or Tangles

✅ Save Hours Untangling & Straightening

✅ Eco-Friendly

✅ Extends To 30m For Effortless Use

✅ Lightweight & Durable

✅ Shrinks For Easy Storage

✅  Australian Owned & Free Delivery From Sydney


A Hose Like Never Before

The advanced technology incorporated into this incredible garden hose allows it to effortlessly navigate around corners, shrubs, and other obstacles without any resistance. Its flexibility enables users to efficiently cover larger areas with ease while minimizing strain on the body. 

Reach New Areas In Your Garden

This incredible hose expands up to three times in length - yes, you heard it right - up to a staggering 30 meters! No longer will you struggle to reach every corner of your yard; this superhero hose has got you covered. And don't be fooled by its power-packed performance; it's as light as a feather thanks to its lightweight yet durable design.

What's included:

1 x Expandable Garden HoseSpray Gun

2 x Copper Connector (3/4" and 1/2")

1 x Hanger

1 x Storage Bag

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia's leading Home Goods Store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!

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