Montessori Magnetic Building Tiles

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"My kids LOVE these tiles! They build so many cool things and it keeps them busy for hours. Perfect for keeping them off screens."
Lisa W.

Inspire creativity, critical thinking, and endless fun for your child.

🧩 Enhances creativity

📚 Supports STEAM learning

🌈 Safe and durable

🎨 Open-ended play

Struggling to keep your kids entertained and learning? 😩

Many parents find it challenging to engage their children in activities that are both fun and educational. Finding that perfect balance to stimulate your child's mind and keep them engaged for hours can seem impossible.

The perfect mix of fun and learning! 🧠

Montessori Magnetic Building Tiles are designed to keep your child's mind engaged. These magnetic tiles encourage creativity and critical thinking while supporting STEAM education. They'll spend hours building, imagining, and learning, all while having a blast. Made from safe, durable materials, these tiles ensure a worry-free playtime.

Trusted By Many Of Our Australian Customers

Our Magnetic Tiles have earned the trust of many Australian customers for their exceptional quality and educational value. These tiles are designed to enhance children's cognitive and physical development through engaging, open-ended play.

Praised for their durability and support for STE(A)M learning, they have become a favorite among parents and educators alike. 

Benefits Of Our Magnetic Tiles

✅ Enhance Cognitive Development

✅ Supports STE(A)M Learning

✅ Encourages Creativity

✅ Improves  Fine Motor Skills

✅ Versatile Play Options

✅ Keeps Kids Entertained For Hours

✅ Portable

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

Worried about the safety and durability of toys? 👶

Montessori Magnetic Building Tiles are crafted from non-toxic, high-quality materials, making them safe for children aged 36+ months. The strong magnets and sturdy construction guarantee long-lasting play. With Montessori Magnetic Building Tiles, you can relax knowing your children are playing with a safe, durable, and educational toy.

All Packs Recommended For Children 36+ Months 

112-Tile Starter Pack

The 112-Tile Starter Pack includes a variety of shapes and colors that easily connect and rotate through magnetic sides, making it ideal for beginner builders.

224-Tile Curious Bundle

The 224-Tile Curious Bundle, our most popular option, combines two 112-Tile Starter Packs. It’s perfect for children who love building and need more pieces to fuel their creativity.

344-Tile GIANT Bundle

The 344-Tile GIANT Bundle is our largest and most valuable pack. Ideal for social play, it includes enough pieces for building extensive projects like theme parks. It combines two 112-Tile Starter Packs and two 60-Tile Growth Packs, making it a perfect gift for any creative child.

60-Tile Growth Pack

The 60-Tile Expansion Pack is designed to supplement existing sets, providing additional pieces for larger and more complex projects as your child grows.

75-Tile Light Up Marble Run

Introducing our newest addition to the magnetic tile family- The Light Up Marble Run! Whatever twist, turn or slide your child can think of, our light up marble tiles will be there to make the idea come to life!

About Our Materials

Our Magnetic Building Tiles are crafted from robust, long-lasting ABS plastic, small magnets, and stainless steel, ensuring they are durable and resistant to breakage. ABS plastic is a recycled and fully recyclable material known for its superior durability and longevity compared to most other plastics, making our tiles an environmentally friendly choice.

Grab your Montessori Magnetic Building Tiles today with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Watch your child’s creativity soar!

Try Montessori Magnetic Building Tiles risk-free! If you're not satisfied within 30 days, get your money back. Engage and educate your child with confidence.

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